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About Ruihua

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Beijing Zhibo Ruihua Greenhouse Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has fully relied on advanced and practical engineering management experience and strong technical support. It has become a high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service of facility agricultural engineering. The National Ornamental Horticultural Engineering Technology Research Center Facilities Sub-center, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association Facilities Agriculture Branch, the China Facilities Horticultural Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance, and the Beijing Facilities Horticultural Association.

The company has a professional contractor for steel structure engineering, and a professional contractor for building curtain wall engineering. It has a patent certificate for "Liandong Photovoltaic Greenhouse" and a patent system for "a system for photovoltaic power generation systems in solar greenhouses" and has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, AAA credit rating certificate and independent import and export rights. The company has undertaken more than 500 greenhouse projects in China. He has undertaken many national key projects in succession. The typical facility agriculture project in the northwest arid zone of the Ningxia Zhongwei Project, which was undertaken in 2007, was the key project of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s inspection of Ningxia, and was also regarded as one of the key agricultural projects in 2007 by the autonomous region. Our company completed the design, processing and construction of the project in just 3 months. A full set of supporting facilities and high standard automation results have been well received by customers. The greenhouse products are exported to Japan, Malaysia, Kuwait, the United States, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam and other countries, and cooperate with many companies such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, the United States and Italy, and export a large number of advanced agricultural technologies and greenhouses. product.

Our processing plant has the processing equipment needed for the complete greenhouse structure to ensure the quality of the project to the utmost. In 2013, the company completed the relocation and expansion of our processing plant and warehouse center, and fully realized strict quality management, advanced processing equipment, perfect supporting facilities and accurate control. Our company produces higher standards, high efficiency and high quality products based on independent design, production and processing. Fully protect the vital interests of customers.


"Ruihua" people adhere to the principle of honesty, win by quality, relying on the professional team and authoritative experts to support the network and all-round high-quality services. We are willing to work with you to make sustainable development of China's facility agriculture. Contribution!

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