Greenhouse Engineering

Polycarbonate greenhouse

The skeleton is treated with double-sided hot-dip galvanizing (GB/13912-2002), which has excellent anticorrosion performance and can be used in the operating environment with certain concentration of acid, alkali and high humidity. The greenhouse structure is designed according to local climatic conditions, such as snow load, wind load, crop load, equipment load and geological conditions.
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The structure adopts double hot dipped galvanized technology(GB/13912-2002),which has good anti corrosive performance. It works very well in the Acid-alkali and high humidity conditions. The structure is designed according to local weather condition(such as snow load, wind load, plant load, equipment load) and geological condition.


 Agricultural special used anti-UV polycarbonate, anti-corrosive service life up to 10 years. It will not break or fracture during installation, high safety.




Widely used in seedling(especially tomato seedling);flower growing; research; flower market/eco-restaurant and leisure.


Greenhouse models


Venlo greenhouse, Arch roof greenhouse, large pinnacle greenhouse

Technical support: 35 interconnection