Greenhouse Engineering

Photovoltaic panel greenhouse

Solar photovoltaic greenhouse, power generation and agricultural production simultaneously, saving land resources. Can meet both solar photovoltaic power generation and greenhouse internal crop lighting requirements. Solar photovoltaic power generation, can be used for greenhouse irrigation system, the plant can be fill light, also can meet the needs of greenhouses in winter heating, not only can effectively reduce the cost of electricity, also can improve the efficiency of greenhouse.
  • Detailed introduction

Photovoltaic panel greenhouse, which can meet the requirements for power generation and agricultural production at the same time, conservation of land resources. The generated power can be used for greenhouse irrigation, light supplement for plants and heating energy in winter.It can reduce the electric cost effectively and at the same time improve operation efficiency of greenhouse.


Widely used in seedling(especially potato seedling);flower growing; research; flower market/eco-restaurant and leisure.

Technical support: 35 interconnection